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Capital to Launch and Scale Financial Products

The on-ramp for the future of finance




With the Right Partners, Great Things Can Happen

Clear Haven creates efficient, low-cost, full life cycle balance sheet solutions for rapidly growing financial services companies. From seed to pre-IPO, we offer capital solutions that scale as you do, so you can spend more time focused on your business.


Lending Solutions

Financing that fits today and scales with you tomorrow

The capital you need to launch, scale, and grow faster. Our process delivers an efficient closing experience, at a low cost, allowing you to focus on your business


A fast, efficient facility designed for companies launching new products.

Product: Launch Facility

Facility Size: $1m - $15m

Setup time: 2 -4 weeks


Post Series A companies that need flexible capital to scale their products


Product: Flex Facility

Facility Size: $10m - $150m

Setup time: 4 -6 weeks


Companies that need flexible capital to scale their products off balance sheet


Product: Forward Flow

Facility Size: $1m - $150m

Setup time: 4 - 6 weeks

Cash Management Solutions


Cash management for founders and investors 

Cash management options used by institutional investors and endowments, now customizable for your investment needs

Ultra Short Investment Grade Bond Portfolio

US Treasuries Portfolio (1, 3, or 6 month)

Maintain Liquidity

Funds generally available in 3 business days

Extend Your Runway

More cash to scale

Get started in as little as 48 hours. 

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Chief Investment Officer, Managing Partner

Mark Simmer

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Chief Operating & Financial Officer

Brandon Shin

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Director - Deal Originations

Brian Smith

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Head of Capital Markets, Partner

Alex Bashan

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Director - Deal Execution

Michael Nebauer

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Chief Puppers

Basil and Olive

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