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New York, NY, USA

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Full Time


New York, NY

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Vice President of Deal Execution (Clear Haven Capital Management LLC; New York, New York): The Vice President will engage and pursue various financial transactions with an emphasis on small and middle market financial companies. Specifically, companies which operate in niche industries and markets or have proven some ability that differentiates from various competitors in the marketplace. The Vice President will work in coordination with other members of the diligence team to ascertain key competitive advantages and risks associated with these companies and any associated product offerings they have. During diligence, the Vice president will be expected to travel to on-site locations of various companies and service providers in coordination with members of the diligence team as well as produce comprehensive reporting with key findings and research conducted. This is expected to include, but not limited to: financial status of the company and detailed understanding of various components of the balance sheet and income statements of the firm, operational policies and procedures, underwriting abilities, data retention, compliance with all applicable laws and regulation, sourcing channels and review of all key personnel. The reporting and findings of the diligence shall be presented to members of the investment committee as key components while evaluating potential transactions and counterparties.

The Vice President will be working directly for the Co-CIO's of the firm and will be responsible for various aspects of deal management, including, but not limited to: diligence, closing processes, engaging with legal during the documentation process and ongoing deal management and monitoring. During the closing and documentation process of a transaction, the Vice President will work closely with legal counsel and is expected to be able to guide the process on their sole understanding of the legal framework and nuances of the transaction. Once a transaction has closed, the Vice President is expected to be able to monitor a transaction with respect to the following: compliance with governing documents of the transaction, review of collateral and asset performance and work with the counterparty to engage in customary and periodic amendments and upkeep to the transaction. In addition, the Vice President will be expected to engage in regular day-to-day operations of the business and work with various other members of the team on a variety of items not directly related to individual transactions. Up to 5% travel required to both domestic and international client locations.


Bachelors degree Economics, Math, Law, or a related field plus 5 years of relevant experience in asset-based lending

Experience with debt restructuring, including diligence, closing processes, engaging with legal during the documentation process, and ongoing monitoring; Demonsrate understanding of the legal framework and nuances of transactions; Solid knowledge of compliance requirements with governing documents of the transaction; and proficient data analytics tools such as Excel and others.

Salary: $248,581 - $255,000 per year

Apply online at or send resume to: Brandon Shin, COO / CFO, Clear Haven Capital Management LLC, 370 Lexington Avenue, Ste 1901, New York, NY, 10017. Ref: 00041259. An EOE.

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